Meet the professionals behind your eLearning solution

When you partner with Roundtable, you’re partnering with dedicated leaders and their teams who are driven to deliver the best possible results for their clients. Their values, experience and commitment to excellence inspire the rest of our team to create innovative eLearning solutions that you simply can’t get anywhere else. Get to know them.

Dan Grajzl | President

Dan Grajzl President

Dan drives our growth strategy and our commitment to delivering the technologies that clients need, in a way that builds genuine, trusted partnerships.

As founder of Park Place Technologies (a data center maintenance provider) and Park Place International (a cloud service provider and solutions integrator for hospitals), Dan has had his hands in the technology industry for more than 20 years. Combining SaaS learning management technologies and software-based instructional design, Roundtable offered a niche business that was a natural fit for his expertise. And though our learning technologies are important, he believes that how we work together with our clients is what sets us apart to achieve greater results.

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of such a promising company.”

Dan’s enthusiasm for quality education extends into his personal life. As a Board member involved with a local school, he advocates for personalized, learner-centric education.

Jim Lorentz | Sr. Executive Strategic Partnerships

Jim Lorentz Sr. Executive Strategic Partnerships

After joining KnowBase Networks (now Roundtable) in 2009, Jim has helped streamline our product mix, opened doors to new markets, and designed unique eLearning business model opportunities for our clients. Jim is a visionary when it comes to blueprinting strategies that help clients get the most of our eLearning solutions.

“The flexibility of our products extends to how we work with people, from helping company leaders meet their strategic goals, to guiding associations and training professionals determined to drive new revenue.”

For over 25 years, Jim has lead organizations through startup, turnaround and growth. He has conceived and managed highly successful business models and marketing solutions for a variety of industries. Jim carries extensive knowledge of the inner workings of professional associations, e-commerce, direct sales, retail and distribution.

Robert Baskette | Chief Technology Officer / Founder

Robert Baskette Chief Technology Officer / Founder

Robert is the systems architect and mastermind behind our learning management system (LMS). He manages the product strategy and feature development of the LMS devised from industry trends, client feedback and big ideas.

“We strive to make great software and content that helps people be great. Whether it’s giving new hires the skills they need to succeed, or cultivating the potential of your workforce, your people’s success is our business.”

As a young entrepreneur, Robert already carries more than 20 years of experience in software design and professional relationships. He has been instrumental in assembling a hardworking, passionate team of skilled specialists who are genuinely dedicated to our clients. As one of the Knowbase Networks (now Roundtable) “originals,” Robert served as the technical founder. Since the dawn of the Internet, he has been consulting and developing mission-critical software for individuals and companies like KeyBank, Lexmark and Eaton Corporation.

Jim Wenger | Executive VP Business Development

Jim Wenger Executive VP Business Development

A natural leader, Jim is the drive behind our business development team. He motivates and empowers the team to effectively communicate the value of our eLearning solutions and the growth opportunities they present.

Jim is also an integral cog in the wheel that makes up our extraordinary culture. His high-energy and positive outlook is infectious, making Roundtable a place where people want to be.

“Roundtable isn’t work, it’s a positive culture of growth, lifting each other up to bring out the best of our abilities for our clients.”

In his role, Jim evaluates partnership opportunities and manages relationships with clients, new and established. His genuine passion for problem-solving gets to the root of client needs, helping us build the best possible solutions.

Prior to joining Roundtable, Jim spent over 25 years leading tech organizations such as Park Place International, Park Place Technologies, Dell and OnX through transition and growth. With a “customer-first” mindset, he believes in building custom strategies by building relationships.

Dan Day | Sr. Executive Business Development

Dan Day Sr. Executive Business Development

Dan is our central voice of reason and the thinker of our business development team. He is always finding new ways to inspire clients with the values provided by our eLearning solutions.

Prior to joining Roundtable, Dan spent almost 20 years in sales management and coaching for tech organizations like Park Place International and Park Place Technologies.

In his role, Dan develops new relationships by putting himself in the client’s shoes to truly understand what’s most important. His philosophy is to build not just good relationships, but strategic partnerships with clients to help meet their needs now, and offer recommendations that will keep them competitive in the future of their industry.

“There’s a distinct difference between hearing and listening. Working together, we can make your organization successful through education and technology.”

Larry Lantz | Implementation Specialist

Larry Lantz Implementation Specialist

Larry has been with Knowbase Networks (now Roundtable) since its beginnings. As one of our “originals,” he was first drawn to the camaraderie and passion for learning that exists as part of our culture.

With more than 15 years of experience in technology and client support, Larry is responsible for each step of every LMS implementation. He performs the magic behind the customization of each system, from server setup to branded design and system configuration.

“We’re accessible to our clients, ready to listen and assist with whatever may come.”

A patient and personal resource, Larry truly understands the ins-and-outs of our LMS and is always available to teach clients how to use the features and functionalities of their system.

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