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Designing courses that are visually appealing is an important part of the eLearning development process. But, even more important is designing courses that deliver the right message. That’s why we begin with a one-on-one, collaborative approach that uncovers your organization’s goals and captures the knowledge of your subject matter experts (SMEs). Then, our creative team goes to work.

Composed of writers, instructional designers and graphic artists, our in-house content production team creates professional eLearning courses that are designed to engage learners more effectively. This results in better retention of information, enhanced performance and a measurable boost in productivity. Whether developing courses from scratch or adapting existing materials for online delivery, our custom course development capabilities guarantee more effective learning. Our proven process ensures we cover all the bases:


We’ll sit down with you to define what your success looks like, then uncover organizational challenges you’d like to improve. From there, we’ll help determine learning objectives that will change behavior and identify the metrics that will measure the success of your training and development.

Script Writing

Working with your SME, we’ll capture and write a learner-focused script for your online course. This includes educational messaging, learner navigation and evaluations that measures knowledge retention and your learner’s ability to apply concepts they’ve learned.


The storyboard is the guide that maps out each module of the eLearning course, detailed with visuals, copy and audio content. From the storyboard, we design the user interface for the course, including navigation and course requirements.


Working with our voiceover talent, we define the tone, voice and attitude for the course script. Then, we record the audio that will help guide attention to key points on screen.


Using appropriate authoring software, we develop your course based on SCORM compliance or learning management system (LMS) needs. Content, narration, music and graphics are combined into each slide, along with interactive elements like quizzes, videos, game-based learning or scenarios.


Your new course is published and uploaded to your LMS where quality assurance testing takes place and final adjustments are made prior to going live.


As the course is used, we’ll work with you to measure data from learner interaction and assessments. With the reporting from your learning management system, we can determine course effectiveness and provide recommendations to further maximize the impact of your learning efforts.

As you can see, truly effective eLearning content demands time and resources that many organizations simply can’t continuously support. At Roundtable, we’ve been perfecting our custom content capabilities for more than 15 years so that we can offer cost-effective solutions that are memorable and valuable to the learning process. What kind of value? We’ll show you…

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