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The Ultimate List of eLearning Terms

We’re excited to launch our new eLearning Glossary, designed specifically to help you learn more about the common terms and phrases used in the eLearning Industry. Just starting your research for an LMS provider? Not even sure what an LMS is, let alone how it can benefit your organization? And just what is blended learning, and how does it relate to a flipped classroom? You’ll find we toss around a wide variety of terms, phrases and abbreviations on a regular basis, and it’s important to us that you understand them.

So we’re happy to provide an on-demand eLearning resource to guide you on your way to better understanding the industry. Once you’re familiar with some of the popular eLearning terms, you’ll soon realize just what a SaaS LMS and custom online courses can do to improve your bottom line by enhancing the effectiveness of your organization’s training and development program.

Check it out!

eLearning Glossary

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