Are You Practicing on Your Customers?

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If you’ve ever sat in a room with Marvin Montgomery, you’ve probably noticed a change in yourself. His attention makes you feel noticed. His words make you feel like you can accomplish almost anything. He greases the wheels in your brain so that you can start looking at each opportunity with vision and ambition. When you leave the room, you’ll notice that everyone around you – your entire company, or team, feels the exact same way. As a motivational speaker and professional training specialist, Marvin’s been giving people those feelings for 30-plus years.

That momentum has allowed many companies to expand their sales channels and increase their bottom lines. No matter the service or industry, every company is selling something. Your employees need sales training - whether they are front-line sales associates who need cold-call coaching or customer service representatives who could effectively upsell your product or service with the right training. Marvin has counseled hundreds of business leaders and their thousands of employees on best practices for improving organizational efficiency, sales enablement tactics, productivity, and more.

“My goal is to change the image of the sales profession by reaching as many salespeople and business developers as I can,” he said. “I teach people how to become a trusted advisor and not just a one-and-done salesperson. The benefits are long-term relationships that become repeat business and referral sources.”

He is also a trusted Roundtable Learning partner who delivers training not just for sales teams but also for any team that’s involved in business development. Marvin has motivated large organizations via sales training, sales coaching, keynote addresses, personal coaching, and customer service training.

He has helped many businesses increase their client bases just by helping them ask the right questions, one of which is this: are you practicing on your customers? Marvin hopes your answer is “no”.

“If you’re practicing on your customers, you’re burning leads and losing sales,” Marvin said. “I always say that preparation and practice provide peak performance, but you shouldn’t practice on your customers.”

Early on, Marvin recognized the power of using eLearning to reach a greater audience and improve audience retention. He contacted Roundtable Learning to develop a custom eLearning course that would support and enhance his invaluable in-person training.

He’s found that eLearning has increased his clients’ retention and sales. The short, interactive modules can be accessed and repeated at any time, improving sales opportunities and providing just-in-time microlearning to sales teams.

“This online training can benefit all industries that have a product or service for sale,” Marvin said. “The platform works best when used as reinforcement or when your salespeople are spread out and you want to provide great training.”

Marvin’s clients’ return on investment is clear and demonstrable:

Quickly Produce Positive Results: Use the six-step program to orient team members quickly and effectively so that they hit the ground running.

Utilize Practice Sessions: The course format makes it easy to focus on each step of the process, providing opportunities for participants to practice with their peers.

Coaching Opportunities: The program provides job tools and tips that can be used to reinforce the training and coaching that Marvin has already provided.

Accountability: Participants create personal action plans to further reinforce learning. This provides an opportunity to implement accountability partners, driving sales goals.

Reporting: Manager reports will track whether your sales employees are retaining the program concepts and using them appropriately. Managers can quickly and easily review progress, and provide guidance to ensure their employees succeed.

To get the most out of Marvin’s training, we recommend that you complete the Six Essential Steps training. Then, reinforce each of the steps during regularly scheduled meetings by roleplaying with your peers - not your customers - and watch your sales grow.

“What clients like about the eLearning courses is that they save money. Clients don’t have to continue to make the financial commitment of bringing me in, they don’t have to take their people off the phones or away from their desks, and they can learn on their own,” Marvin said. “Plus, administrators can see how well their employees are completing the training and can tie results to training. It’s a great investment.”

For more information and to see a sample video of Marvin’s successful program, visit

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