Benefits of eLearning for the modern employee.

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The modern learning strategy, supported by digital transformation, is delivering tangible business impact.

(Towards Maturity, 2015)

Today, 7 out of 10 training and development professionals don’t understand how their employees learn to do their jobs, according to Dave Buglass, 2015 Learning & Development Professional of the Year.

But, see that smartphone in their free hand at lunch? How about that quick Snapchat check on their break? Take note - your employees are showing you how to engage them to be more valuable for your business.

Mobile technology is in demand

Today’s employees, like your customers, expect on-demand access to what they want, when they want it. But it’s not as selfish as it sounds since what they want is to be engaged with continuing education that rewards them with promotion, recognition and a greater sense of purpose to drive success for your business.

The unfortunate truth is, if you don’t offer them a way to stay engaged, today’s employees will move on to an employer who does.

Check out our infographic below to find out why employees today want to learn, how it’s easiest for them to learn and when they have the time to learn. (Towards Maturity Industry Benchmark Report, 2015-16). Then ask yourself - does your training & development program give your employees what they really want and need to drive profitable results?

eLearning and the modern employee

Why they’re learning:

  • 76% want to be able to do their job faster and better
  • 75% like to learn for personal development
  • 65% of learners can see how online learning opportunities available can help them further their career
  • 62% like recognition that they have completed online learning
  • 60% want to increase productivity
  • 47% want to keep up with new technology
  • 42% want to obtain professional certification
  • 40% want to be eligible for promotion
  • 38% want to be enabled to earn more money
  • 23% want to pass an assessment
  • 19% want to achieve/maintain a higher certification level
  • 10% want to compete against colleagues for a high score

How they learn:

  • 90% team collaboration - proactive in learning from each other
  • 87% conversations / meetings
  • 73% web search
  • 62% internal company documents
  • 55% classroom courses
  • 53% support from mentor / buddy
  • 53% use mobile devices - smartphone and tablet

When they learn:

  • 42% learn on weekends or evenings
  • 42% at point of need
  • 32% study during their lunch hour
  • 29% travelling to/from work
  • 26% use their breaks for learning

Source: 2015-2016 Towards Maturity Industry Benchmark Report, November 2015

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