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Category: ROI

Category: ROI

How to Turn Conference Videos into Effective eLearning

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How do you share your keynote with those who couldn’t make it? Do you simply share a clip of the video on social media, or is there a better way to market, and even profit, from your association’s best practices?

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Infographic: Gamification and eLearning

eLearningTrainingEmployee RetentionROI

Take a look at some of the top Gamification statistics for the eLearning industry.

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Infographic: Drive ROI from Custom Content

BusinessesCustom CourseseLearningSolutionsTrainingEmployee RetentionROIIncreased SalesCost Savings

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How to Boost Social Learning in your Training Strategy

BusinesseseLearningLearning Management SystemsSolutionsROI

New year, new training strategy? Whether you’re rolling out a new strategy or simply enhancing your existing one, now is a good time to review some research-backed, tested learning theories that can improve your training programs.

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