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Category: Support

Project Management Software and your LMS

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Imagine your LMS implementation as a digital pizza tracker. What if, in real time, you could watch your LMS being built, integrated, and launched? What if the second you “placed your order” you could watch your LMS be handled carefully and efficiently by your LMS vendor?

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Do they have your back?

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Of all the reasons companies bail out of their LMS contracts, the main reason to switch LMS providers is for better technical support. LMS technical support is a multi-layered necessity that, when put on the backburner, can have detrimental effects on company learning, cost, morale, engagement, safety, compliance, and more.

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If you build it, they (may not) come

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How to drive traffic to your learning management system

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Do I Need to Convert my Flash Courses to HTML5?


The question isn’t so much if you need to do it, but how quickly you can. If you’re still educating learners with Flash courses, they may not even be able to see them, let alone learn from them.

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