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Using eLearning to Mitigate Risk and Liability

AkzoNobel is a leading paint, coatings and specialty chemicals producer who supplies industries and consumers with products and technologies designed to meet the growing demands of our ever-evolving planet.

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The Challenge

Purchased by AkzoNobel, ICI Paints employed drivers to deliver product to their distributors. The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that safety compliance be completed by those who use company vehicles.

The Solution

Collaborating with ICI Paint subject matter experts, we developed a 12-course online curriculum customized for ICI Paint truck drivers to get them compliant with DOT requirements. Using our LMS, the company was simultaneously able to centralize trackable training and data in one online location while automating compliance management.

The Result

Today, AkzoNobel can use these courses to deliver accessible, on-demand training to help their employees, and their company, maintain safety and legal compliance. Using our LMS, the company can also quickly and easily provide proof of employee compliance, should the need arise - reporting that can be used to defend the company against liabilities and mitigate risk.

  • Using eLearning to Mitigate Risk and Liability

  • Using eLearning to Mitigate Risk and Liability

  • Using eLearning to Mitigate Risk and Liability

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"We were able to establish a very simple, quick and thorough online learning process to cover all of the job responsibilities."

Joe Kowalski, AkzoNobel Decorative Paints

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