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The mission of AMA is to promote the art and science of medicine for the betterment of public health. As a leading voice in the transformation of health care, the AMA is setting the standards for advancing medical education.

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The Challenge

One of the ways the AMA fulfills its mission and maintains its membership is by offering valuable information to health care professionals and medical residents. Having access to an extensive panel of subject matter experts and video-based courses targeting resident training, the AMA saw an opportunity to make the courses available to its members online. Offering this curriculum would not only add value for current members, but it would also help attract new members – and new revenue.

The Solution

We knew that the AMA could easily reach more people by adapting the video-based training into a series of interactive online courses accessible anytime from anywhere through our Learning Management System (LMS). While our instructional designers worked to convert and enhance the materials, we collaborated with the AMA to design and implement a comprehensive eLearning business model that would make the curriculum available to more people, and help fund future enrichment initiatives.

The Result

We helped create an entirely new, non-dues revenue stream for the AMA by making it easy to market custom-branded instances of their LMS, including the 30+ course curriculum, to other medical institutions. Thanks, in part, to our flexible eLearning solutions, the AMA has sold over 130 custom-branded LMS instances and accommodates over 25,000 users to date. Best of all? Each instance and each curriculum sold can be customized to fit the unique needs of the institution.

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