Our Work

Increasing reach and revenue with eLearning.

Dr. Roger Moore developed Dermwise with the goal of enhancing the quality of dermatology care provided across the country by physicians and mid-level providers. He strives to make their lives better by providing dermatological education quickly, efficiently and practically.

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The Challenge

Dr. Moore recognized the need for standard dermatology training for non-dermatologist medical providers who often did not possess the knowledge or ability to care for dermatology patients on their own.

One-on-one shadowing caused increased patient wait times, and made it impractical for him to efficiently complete his full workload.

The Solution

With a sense of responsibility to provide this education, Dr. Moore created videos and lectures to fill the void in training of dermatology to medical providers.

From his carefully curated content, we built 26 hours of custom training to highlight the core components of dermatology and assess the competency of medical professionals. Housed on our LMS, Dr. Moore could now deliver his complete online training curriculum, ‘Quick Start Online Dermatology Training’ (Quick Start Program).

The Result

First and foremost, accurately diagnosed patients are the primary beneficiaries of the Quick Start Program. Secondly, any interested medical professional can now access the accredited dermatology training program and get up-to-speed quickly and efficiently, while obtaining required continuing medical education credit.

And, as a result of his dedication to the field, his determination to provide better patient care, and his time and effort into the Quick Start Program, Dr. Moore has created a reliable supplemental revenue stream for his practice.

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