Our Work
National Association for Athletics Compliance (NAAC)

Increased revenue by offering professional training to members.

NAAC mission is to improve the effectiveness of intercollegiate athletic compliance by providing educational opportunities that develop better informed compliance personnel.

The association provides leadership and expertise to the NCAA and its members by clarifying compliance expectations for major intercollegiate athletic compliance issues.

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The Challenge

The National Association for Athletics Compliance (NAAC) is committed to continually improving the integrity of college athletics through compliance regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). (Not confusing at all, right?)

To accomplish this, NAAC educates athletic compliance officers regarding the NCAA bylaws. But, with no real training available, they were looking for a way to effectively deliver the information and support knowledge retention.

The Solution

Using our LMS, NAAC implemented an eLearning curriculum consisting of seven hours of training. Completing the curriculum earned participants an accredited “Education Certification,” for awareness and application of NCAA legislation.

We also helped uncover an opportunity that opened up a new revenue stream for NAAC. With the Education Certification curriculum now available online through their LMS, the association could repurpose the courses to sell to members and non-members. Perhaps more importantly, several universities purchased and adopted the curriculum, replacing traditional textbooks, as a requirement to earn specific sports-related degrees.

The Result

NAAC can now better uphold its mission by offering consistent messaging and on-demand access that will improve the performance of athletic and compliance personnel. They were also able to double the sales of the Education Certification curriculum within a year of its availability.

The Education Certification provides a foundation for individuals entering the profession and greater credibility to compliance professionals. Because of its effectiveness and availability, the certification has even become a requirement for specific jobs to ensure higher quality candidates.

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