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Powerstart Onboarding

Increasing reach and revenue with eLearning.

Founder of Onboarding Services, LLC, Mark Elliott carries decades of experience in talent management consulting worldwide. With a focus on executive coaching, he developed PowerStart Onboarding, a program which provides coaching support and leadership development for newly placed leaders at all organizational levels.

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The Challenge

Mark coaches managers who strive to take their careers to the next level. His existing online training program felt outdated, and his courses were not easily accessible on mobile devices. This made it challenging to expand his reach or drive revenue.

The Solution

Using Mark’s existing online program as a foundation, we revamped his training by creating new custom online courses enhanced with engaging interactive elements including audio, voiceovers and visuals. We also collaborated with him to ensure that his content was on-trend within his industry and optimized to perform well on mobile devices. Because Mark’s eLearning solution was designed and developed completely in-house rather than outsourced, we were able to keep costs low and quality high.

The Result

Thanks to our partnership, Mark could proudly market modern and engaging online training courses to clients and other consulting and coaching firms. Now, as a more attractive option to his target audience, he has become more competitive in his industry, which has helped expand his business.

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