Adopt these retargeting techniques to drive LMS completions

Forgetting something? How to adopt retargeting and remarketing techniques to bring learners back to your LMS and drive completions A quick glance at your admin dashboard shows a gaping hole in course completions. While there may be a number of reasons that your learners aren’t sticking around until the end of the lesson (poor content, […]

Should you Take the Best-of-Breed Approach to your LMS?

Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to exercise more. Or, like many learning and development professionals, perhaps you’re determined to decide if your company should take a best-of-breed approach to the LMS it uses. Not sure what decision you’d land on? Here are some things to consider. As Mike Maiorino, founder and CEO of HRMS […]

True Immersion for AR/VR: Reaching Results in your LMS

Augmented and virtual reality are the ever-shiny tools that you keep hearing about at conferences and in industry blogs and publications. There’s a reason the learning community is eager to don a pair of goggles and see a new reality. Immersive technology has huge implications for learning. By the end of 2018, eMarketer estimates that there will […]

How to Meet the Needs of Modern Learners

Modern learners are hungry to learn and are capable of gathering information quickly and efficiently. According to reports, they wish they had more time to digest information that will help them in their jobs. To meet learners in this need, organizations must meet the challenge of competing for learner attention in a crowded media space. […]

Do they Have your Back: LMS Technical Support

Do they have your back? Of all the reasons companies bail out of their LMS contracts, the main reason to switch LMS providers is for better technical support. LMS technical support is a multi-layered necessity that, when put on the backburner, can have detrimental effects on company learning, cost, morale, engagement, safety, compliance, and more. […]

Break the RFP Cycle with these Steps

In an industry that is continually changing, why do we use an antiquated request for proposal (RFP) process that’s designed to secure a temporary solution? RFPs aren’t built to identify lasting partners, because templated versions often focus on features rather than solutions. As a learning solutions provider, we’ve reviewed, qualified, and responded to hundreds of […]

7 Lessons from Learning Solutions 2018

We recently attended eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2018 conference in Orlando, Florida. Sure, the sunny, warm weather was welcomed, but what we really took away from the conference was a buzzing excitement about the future of learning. Every session we attended at Learning Solutions 2018, ranging from “11 Types of Videos You Should be Making,” […]

The Ultimate Guide to eLearning Terms

Just starting your research for an LMS provider? Not even sure what an LMS is, let alone how it can benefit your organization? And just what is blended learning, and how does it relate to a flipped classroom? Once you’re familiar with some of the popular eLearning terms, you’ll soon realize just what an LMS […]

5 Ways To Support Your SMEs

This post was originally published on eLearning Industry’s website. To see the original article, click here. We originally titled this post, “how to get the most out of your SMEs”, but quickly realized that in a “how to” blog post about subject matter experts and their role in training, the first step should be understanding your […]