Roundtable Awarded Gold for Video Learning

Roundtable Learning received a Gold Award in the Educational category of the Spring 2019 Omni Awards for video learning. Our entry, “Enhanced Performance through Simulated Video Training” covered our blended learning approach to creating multiple videos, eLearning modules, and a virtual reality experience for Superior Beverage. The Omni Awards exist to recognize outstanding achievements in film/video, […]

Roundtable Wins Silver Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award

Roundtable Learning, a leader in learning management systems and custom video and eLearning content, won a coveted Brandon Hall Group silver award for excellence in the Best Use of Video for Learning category. Roundtable partnered with Superior Beverage to apply for the award, which recognized excellence in video content, strategy, delivery, and results.  The award entries […]

AR/VR: What’s the difference for learning?

Walking into a building destroyed by fire to assess and record damages. Performing heart surgery. Properly disposing of hazardous materials. Besides making your heart race, these activities have another thing in common: they’re difficult to convert into eLearning or webinars. How do you train for high-risk situations without putting your employees at risk? Introducing your […]

Can We Agree on Microlearning?

One thing everyone in the learning and development industry seems to agree on is that there is no clear definition of microlearning. We can’t define microlearning by a number of minutes, or lack thereof. We can’t define it by the content it presents. We can’t even define it by the delivery method. So, what can […]

7 Lessons from Learning Solutions 2018

We recently attended eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2018 conference in Orlando, Florida. Sure, the sunny, warm weather was welcomed, but what we really took away from the conference was a buzzing excitement about the future of learning. Every session we attended at Learning Solutions 2018, ranging from “11 Types of Videos You Should be Making,” […]

How to Turn Conference Videos into Effective eLearning

You’ve spent the money and the hours to plan and execute an industry-wide conference. You’re expecting hundreds of attendees who are eager to learn and network. You know that Janelle, your top-performing sales rep, will deliver a keynote that will wow and inspire her audience. The conference will help your company or association to gain […]

Learning Through Video: Simulation Training

At this point, we probably don’t have to remind you that video is one of the best training tools– if done well. According to eLearning Industry, “Video-based learning development, delivery, and consumption will continue to grow.” Research proves that video boosts attendance for training and learning. It changes the way people learn and increases the learner’s chances […]

5 Reasons to Incorporate Video into your Learning Strategy

Think back to your grade school or college days. Do you remember the excitement of watching a movie or a video in class? Years or decades later, the best educators still know that video can grab your attention and help you learn in new ways. Video disrupts traditional learning methods while engaging learners’ visual senses […]