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Choosing the best Modality for VR Training

More and more companies are realizing the effectiveness of virtual reality (VR) for training. While the automotive and medical fields have been using VR and AR for years now, mainstream corporate America is now getting on the bandwagon and taking advantage of everything VR training has to offer. Josh Bersin, president and founder of Bersin […]

The 5 Love Languages of High-Impact Learning

With a universally-adored, not-loathed-by-anyone holiday approaching, we thought we’d get in the spirit and share how you can show your learners some love this Valentine’s Day and beyond. The first step is to make sure you’re speaking the right languages. In “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts,” author Gary Chapman writes […]

Take Your eLearning Quizzes to the Next Level

How to combine built-in Storyline functionality with custom elements for a better eLearning testing experience. This week, one of our graphic designers/course developers will take us through her process of building engaging eLearning quizzes from standard Storyline templates. In the eLearning world, we have all taken our share of boring quizzes: those in which the […]

Should you Take the Best-of-Breed Approach to your LMS?

Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to exercise more. Or, like many learning and development professionals, perhaps you’re determined to decide if your company should take a best-of-breed approach to the LMS it uses. Not sure what decision you’d land on? Here are some things to consider. As Mike Maiorino, founder and CEO of HRMS […]

How To Make eLearning More Learner-Centric

As learning professionals, we need to focus on the learners and make sure our eLearning is learner-centric. Why? For starters, it’s the timely thing to do. Across the tech landscape, developers are using design thinking to increase usability and make intuitive tools for users; transferring that trend to eLearning is the logical move. Second, learner-centric […]

Gestalt Theory and eLearning; Organizing information by laws of perception

Today, we want to share a bit about Gestalt Theory, which helps us understand how visual information is sorted. This theory is important to Roundtable Learning’s instructional and graphic designers because almost everything we create has a visual component. More importantly, everything we create needs to impact learners on a performance level. Here are a few […]

A Safe Space for Failure: eLearning that Changes Behavior

Most learning professionals are familiar with the 70/20/10 model. The theory — offered in the 1980s by researchers Morgan McCall, Michael M. Lombardo and Robert A. Eichinger — suggests that 70 percent of the average person’s knowledge is learned and retained when doing something. Why, then, does our industry often reduce learners to passive observers? […]

Top Learning Trends for 2019

As 2018 winds down, we’re looking ahead to learning trends for 2019. Behold, the promise of smarter analytics, faster systems, and better performance solutions. Learning trends continue to incorporate immersive reality and gamification of both the platform and the content. We see an elevated focus on goal alignment, performance improvement solutions, and deep learning. Performance […]